Automotive Industry largely depends on the transport infrastructure and a sound transport network that helps the country go a long way in its development. An ideal automotive supplier's prime concern is to bring out innovative products that exhibit international standards of safety and to help customers get the best in innovative motoring. This helps automotive manufacturers improve profitability, increase sales and make positive efforts in improving the environment. In the technology driven and skills oriented automotive industry there is a boom in the global market thus requiring skilled workers.

Engineering Recruitment

Economic development spurred by significant contributions made by technical innovation and manufacturing skills in the heavy equipment industry has paved the way for more technical jobs. Intensive application of CAD/CAM technology have made the engineering industry an indispensable sector in all the industrial operations starting from processing, designing, quality assurance and manufacturing. The industry is very demanding and requires professionals who have sound knowledge and skillso run an effective and efficient business in the engineering industry employing professionals with sound knowledge and skills is must..

Accounts & Finance

The Accounting and Finance branch requires high intellect and has a tremendous growth phase for any new entrant. With industrial and economic development, funds are rapidly flowing through varied banking and financial institutions. It is the centrifugal force of all business and commercial activities. We can rightly deduce that a sector growing at such a fast pace need human resources to run it. We at AL Neda Travels have the requisite expertise and infrastructure to keep pace with the fast growing sector and cater to its challenging demands. AL Neda travels has a ready database of financial and accounting personnel.


Infrastructure is the base of any industry. Infrastructural development is the foundation of progress. Roads, bridges, buildings and airports are the symbols of prosperity representing an affluent society. Construction projects are the backbone of modernization. Their speedy completion in our fast-paced world is the hallmark of good construction companies. Quick turnaround time is beneficial to the investors as they start reaping profits at the earliest. New construction always adds to the country’s capital stock. Natural calamities also play a major part in heightened construction activities and hence construction recruitment.


The Hospitality industry’s recruitment is unique, encompassing a wide range of areas and yet having a very specific customer-centric approach. As the industry is vast, a number of opportunities and jobs in the hospitality industry are opening up for newcomers owing to the rapid pace of this global industry. The jobs in hospitality industry demand skilled candidates who have a positive attitude towards their specific sector and have full conviction in their acquired skills and industry profile.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas sector has contributed majorly to the global economy and has become sophisticated and essentially one of the most important businesses. This sector produces only two thirds of the world's energy and is the force that drives the global economy. Lots of oil and gas industry jobs are available today and there are various institutes engaged in mentoring candidates into qualified professionals.The projects in this sector have a global spread with a truly international workforce and even spread to offshore facilities.

Shipping / Logistic

The shipping industry forms an essential part of today's import and export industry. Around 90% of world trade is handled by the international shipping industry. There are 12 major and 187 minor / intermediate ports along the Indian coastline. Shipping / logistics is a global trade industry, which is continuously expanding. It has its bright future prospects tied to the economic activities across the globe.the activities in the shipping/ logistics industry includes all sorts of planning, organization, maritime law etc.

Operation & Maintenance

Operation and maintenance encompasses a broad spectrum of services required to assure a built environment that will perform the functions for which the facility was designed. It typically includes day to day activities necessary for building ( systems & equipment ) to perform their intended function. Operations and maintenance (O & M) is one of the most cost-effective methods for ensuring reliability, safety and energy efficiency of any facility.

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