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AL NEDA TRAVELS its corporate office in Mumbai, associated in major metropolitan cities in India and a firm backbone of expert networking. Al Neda Travels seeks to provide the best quality of manpower resources. The best of resources in manpower comes only with experience, the know-how of the job, deep understanding of the job environment and the manpower suited for that kind of industry. Years of understanding in this industry has helped us track the best manpower resources in India. AL NEDA TRAVELS is established with a Mission to associate with customers to deliver clear Business benefits by way of Improved Profitability and timely delivery.

Why Choose Us

AL-NEDA TRAVELS, we provide candidates with more than job opportunities. We view our services as a partnership and are deeply committed to finding the best solution for both the employer and employee. By specializing within insurance, we understand our industry, and its trends. Our mission is to cultivate long-term relationships with both our clients and candidates. Accepting and embracing the responsibility of nurturing, protecting, and maintaining these relations is the core to our success

AL-NEDA TRAVELS, we focus on helping people pay attention to both their long and short-term goals. We recognize that qualifications are only a small fraction of determining whether or not an opening is a good opportunity. By investing in people, we harvest the rewards of trust and loyalty. Paying attention to the details, we have established ourselves as a company that truly fights to find the right career move; rather than a new place to work.